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e-Share helps you synchronise data between different accountancy software in an easy and uniform way. No more importing and exporting different file formats.

Easy. Secure. Uniform.

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Simplify the data synchronisation in your accounting firm.

e-Share is a cloud platform, created and supported by the industry leading software vendors in the accountancy market. With e-Share we'll end the trouble of exporting and importing data from one software to another. All data will be synchronized to a secured cloud environment, so that other software vendors can read and import your data, all with a click on a button.

Customer data

Synchronization of general customer data and addresses. Keeping your permanent records up to date has never been easier.


Synchronisation of managers, representatives, shareholders, ultimate beneficiaries. Helpful for your financial statements.


Synchronisation of all VAT related data. What's the periodicity? Who's taking care of the listing? Do we have an authorisation?


Synchronisation of all social related data. Who's handling the payroll? What's the social number? You just need to input it once!

Financial data

Your bookkeeping software knows all the financial data. But there are a lot of other software that can benefit from this data. Keep it in sync with e-Share.


XBRL is a standard set of field used by different software vendors. e-Share uses this XBRL set as a base, therefore it can deliver XBRL standard data.


e-Share is a cloud based platform. All data is synchronized automatically to the cloud. No more exporting, importing and converting different file formats.


The data in the e-Share platform is highly secured, using the latest Windows Azure cloud technology, SSL certificates, Chinese walls and token based authentication.

Simple and transparent pricing.

As an e-Share user you can choose between 4 subscription plans. Every plan offers the ability to synchronize a number of relations. The subscription is invoiced on a yearly base, and you can always upgrade to a comprehensive plan.
Each company (entity with its own VAT number) should purchase a separate subscription. The subscription is independent of the number of users or used software products.


€ 25

€ 20

Per own company / month *
1000 relations / year
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€ 50

€ 40

Per own company / month *
2500 relations / year
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€ 75

€ 60

Per own company / month *
5000 relations / year
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€ 150

€ 120

Per own company / month *
Unlimited relations / year
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* Subscriptions are invoiced annually. A relation is defined as: customers, prospects, leads, shareholders, officers, directors, contacts, external addresses, ...

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Our platform partners

Software from the following industry leading partners is compatible with the e-Share platform.

Syneton Intersentia ID-Soft Pragmatools Winbooks Wings Zensoft LBRP Xerius ADM-Solutions